Tips for a safe summer

Stock up on items to keep your summer safe and healthy.
When you are planning a trip or other outdoor activity, make sure you are well supplied with sunscreen, bug repellent and other miscellaneous items you may need. All of the following items can be picked up at CVS Pharmacy (1040 Grand Avenue).

If you are out during the day, always wear sunscreen it is recommended that you use sun protection with an SPF of 30 and it says "broad-spectrum on the label. Apply 15 minutes before you go out and reapply every 80 minutes or sooner of swimming or sweating.

Bug Repellents
If you are out in the sun and want to apply sunscreen and bug repellent, apply the repellent after the sunscreen has some time to absorb. Apply it evenly, but not too much, and only apply to exposed skin areas.

Traveling with Allergies? Take these steps to minimize the effects that allergies may have on you.
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