St. Paul's Childhood Center

For over 45 Years St. Paul’s Childhood Center has been providing the community with exceptional, family-centered early childhood learning. This center was formed using the Reggio Emilia Learning which views children as agents of their own learning experiences, with valuable ideas worthy of exploration. 

SPCC is not a day care center, but a place where teachers collaborate with families and children to investigate, learn and explore the most appropriate learning experience. SPCC embraces child-led learning which sees the child, no matter what the age, as a strong, capably and resilient participant. Through listening and observing the needs of each child, SPCC seeks to nurture the pleasures of learning, knowledge and understanding. Projects are not planned but discovered and developed to fit child’s needs. SPCC maintains a low child to teacher ratios.

The SPCC curriculum values nature-based inquiry and art as meaningful expression. This Reggio Emilia style of learning helps build confident and conscientious children through self-discovery, self-expression and community building.

Started September 4, 1970 by St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, this nonsectarian school serves children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. SPCC is an all-inclusive school, which follows Anti-Bias Education Practices in which all people treated with respect, dignity, equality and fairness regardless of differences. SPCC has a 4-Star Parent Aware quality rating as well as a National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA). Its playground is a Minnesota Certified Nature Explore Classroom (one of ten in the state).  SPCC was recently named the 2016 “Best Pre-School/Early Childhood Education Center” in St. Paul by Saint Paul Magazine.

SPCC has spacious classroom with lots of natural light. There is an outdoor space with play areas, garden projects, a performance stage and an art station. In addition, SPCC provides a rotation of enrichment programs, which may include: yoga, wellness programming, gardening, language and additional art. 

Grand Avenue Business Association is proud to have St. Paul Childhood Center at a member for many years.

900 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651.224.4749
Fax: 651.207.6486

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