Painting Tips from the Experts at Abbott Paint

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Painting Tips from the Experts

  • Caulk every crack
  • Keep a mini-roller and screen handy
  • Drop cloth substitute – rosin paper to eliminate bunching, tripping
  • Don’t start in corners
  • Tape off the carpet
  • Use old paint brushes to pre-clean/dust window, door trim
  • Set your tape – run putty knife over masking tape to prevent paint seeping
  • Completely cover windows and doors
  • Cut the paint before pulling off masking tape
  • Create a smooth 1/8-1/4” path on textured ceiling edge with tool for brush
  • Don’t flood the masking tape
  • Remove the fuzz from new and used rollers with tape
  • Comb the brush
  • Wear a rag
  • Run water down into the bristles
  • Clean roller with a pot scrubber
  • Lube your roller
  • Keep a garbage can at hand

Top 20 Common Painting Mistakes:

  • Trying to cover in one coat
  • Not tinting the primer
  • Using cheap paint
  • Not sanding walls
  • Buying cheap roller cover
  • Using glossy paint on bad surfaces
  • Painting over unprimed surfaces
  • Not adding paint conditioner
  • Painting over partially dried paint
  • Skipping the prep work
  • Buying cheap masking tape
  • Overbrushing
  • Using paint from different batches
  • Applying paint in direct sunout
  • Underestimating the time required
  • Not thoroughly mixing the paint
  • Leaving the lid off
  • Spray painting without covering everything
  • Using plastic drop cloths
  • Not putting a rag over the paint can lid when you pound it down