New A-Line Bus Transportation—Now in Service in St. Paul

Take the new A-Line bus service, for a faster, more convenient ride.

You may have noticed the new bus stops at Snelling and Grand Avenue. This is not your ordinary bus shelter. It is for the new A-Line Bus Service, which started June 11th. 

The Metro Transit A-Line is the first of two Arterial Bus Rapid Transit (ABRT), a new Kind of Twin Cities bus service. The C-Line in Minneapolis will be completed in 2018. This new express bus line is suppose to make travel via this busy routes more convenient, efficient and faster. Below are some of the features of the A-Line.

  • A-Line Buses only stop at A-Line stops (see map)
  • The Buses are larger and more comfortable. Wider doors and aisles. 
  • You pay at the station before you board the bus. 
  • Free WiFi on the bus
  • High frequency service - coming every 10 minutes for most of the day.
  • Real-time departure sign at the bus station, so you alwways know when the next bus will arrive.

Next time you need to take the bus, consider the A-Line.