Grand Avenue Businesses make the "Best of St. Paul" list

Several Grand Avenue Businesses were named in Saint Paul Magazine's "Best of St. Paul 2017 List"

Café Latte
Best Restaurant

Is the chicken Caesar pasta salad your go-to favorite? Maybe it’s the chipotle bean chili or the three-spread sampler. Above all, Café Latte fans know it’s imperative to save room for dessert, whether the lingonberry tart or the classic turtle cake, at this Grand Avenue institution. 

Runners-up The Commodore Bar & Restaurant, Boca Chica

Traditions Classic Home Furnishings
Best Interior Designer

Along with a furniture purchase at Traditions comes the complementary expertise of the store’s discerning design team. And according to  Lauren LaGoo, being part of that team means “having access to the greatest companies in terms of furniture, fabrics, and accessories” to offer customers. “We have the ability to pull products from our sales floor for instant gratification as well as the option to special order to fit every client’s unique wants and needs,” she says. What’s on trend now in the world of interior design?  Think neutral. “Our clients want neutral fabrics that withstand everyday use. We find ourselves pulling high-performance fabrics for almost every project,” LaGoo says. “Manufacturers are catching on and starting to offer durable patterns as well. We think this trend is here to stay!” 

Runners up David Heide Design Studio, Indicia Interior Design, and Furnishings

Park Dental
Best Dental Clini
Park Dental has provided comprehensive dental service since 1972 with a focus on families, as well as the community. Students from Saint Paul charter schools might drop by for free toothbrushes or a Saint Paul nursing home might receive dental care supplies. At Park Dental, their goal is to see everyone in the community smile. 

Runners up Dr. Bob Maley Family Dentistry, Associated Dentists

St. Paul Eye Clinic
Best Eye Clinic

“You may have been the tenth cataract surgery I’ve scheduled, but it’s your cataract surgery, so I do it with the same compassion as I did earlier in the day,” says Dr. Dave Rothschiller, CEO of St. Paul Eye Clinic, where the independent group practice focuses on patient experience. They expanded hours for patients who need to come in earlier in the morning or later in the day. Offering high-deductible health care plans, the center has provided surgical and diagnostic resources, plus an eyeglasses shop, since 1969. 

Runners up Highland Family Eye Care, Grand Spectacle


Dog Days
Best Doggy Daycare

At three locations, Dog Days has helped St. Paul pet owners exercise and socialize their dogs since 2004, offering daycare, grooming services and overnight boarding for dog owners on the go. Wendy Harter, Dog Days owner, says of the relationships between her clients and their dogs, “They love their dogs just like their children.” Dog Days prides itself on client trust and knowledge of the dogs. “We’ve even found illnesses and ailments with dogs that the owners haven’t noticed yet,” Harter says. “They trust our judgment and get them treated sooner.” 

Runners up Urban Tails Waggin’, Now Boarding


A. Johnson & Sons Florist
Best Florist

For the second year in a row, Saint Paul Magazine readers chose the oldest florist in the city as their favorite, but many might not know that A. Johnson & Sons is also committed to a new trend – recycling and composting old plants and flowers. According to owner Tom Johnson (whose wife Heidi and sons Blake and Ryan are also integral to the shop’s success), A. Johnson & Sons started consistently recycling in 2013, and Johnson admits he was skeptical at first about whether it would save his business money while also helping the environment. “We do save roughly $1,000 per year,” says Johnson. “We compost or recycle between 90-95 percent of our trash.”

A. Johnson & Sons received the F.R.O.G. award from the Grand Avenue Business Association for their green efforts. “We’re kind of the poster company for Ramsey County as a success story,” he says. In addition to being good for the environment, the beautiful bouquets and plants you’ll find at A. Johnson & Sons will brighten anyone’s day. 
Runners up Fleur de Lis Fresh Flowers, Bachman’s Flowers


The Bibelot
Best Apparel Boutique

According to Bibelot clothing buyers, Heather Emery and Sarah Franklin, the clothing selection at the shop can be hard to resist. “We hear many times, ‘I just came in to buy a card and I am now leaving with a beautiful sweater,’” says Emery.  Customers also realize time is of the essence when it comes to selecting an item. “Our customers know that if they do not get it when they see it, the item will be gone. We do not buy deep so that allows us to have more breadth – we shop different venues to ensure uniqueness and try to source locally and support small entrepreneurs. Our philosophy is to get it in and let it go.”

Franklin says the typical Bibelot customer is seeking something unique and interesting, but also easy to wear. “The selection of clothing enables many different body types and taste levels to find the perfect items,” she says. “The combination of mixed textures, colors and silhouettes allow customers to be creative and work in pieces to their already existing wardrobe.” 
Runners up Heimie’s Haberdashery, Evereve

Phresh Spa Salon
Best Salon/Spa

As Phresh prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, Rick Fiebiger says he attributes the salon/spa’s success and growth over the years to its loyal guest following. “We love how our guests communicate with us about their needs, their experiences and their ideas in a caring way,” says Fiebiger, who owns Phresh with wife Tracy.  “We aspire for 100 percent service excellence with our team and we strive to provide them with the best workplace possible.”

According to Fiebiger, something that sets Phresh apart is its team-based model. “Our team is paid based on how well we serve our guests as a team, not how many services and products they are selling,” he says, adding that there are only two price levels in the salon. “Every team member at their level is trained and certified to deliver a luxury experience with a great result.” 

Runners up CaJah Salon, Juut Salonspa

Congratulations to all winners!