Grand Avenue — New Look, New Website

Grand Avenue: New Look — New Website

During the past several months Grand Avenue Business Association has gone through a rebranding process for Grand Avenue, creating a new visual look for the association and its events. 


The New Logo
A logo type is always the longest process. A logo needs to convey a message through a simple design. After carefully reviewing nearly 100 variations, the current logo was selected. This logo was chosen for its strong, traditonal shape and colors. It was also chosen for its ability to be adapted to use with the logos for the many events produced by the Grand Avenue Business Association throughout the year.


"It's All on Grand"

The New Slogan
Including in the design of the new logo is the web address and a new slogan. Grand Avenue is and always has been a mixed-use street. It was never designed as a purely residential neighborhood. It has always been a mix of business and residential. The new tagline/slogan needed to reflect the diverse use of Grand Avenue. Many slogans were reviewed and, after looking at several variations, “It’s All on Grand” was selected for its simplicity and coming straight to the point. 


New Advertising Tagline: Shop-Live-Dine
In addition to the slogan, It's All on Grand, it was decided that there needed to be a secondary tagline for use in advertising materials. Grand Avenue is a unique mix of shopping, dining and lifestyle experiences. Throughout the rebranding process many additional taglines were bounced around. The secondary tagline "Shop-Live-Dine". These three words are also used individually as needed.

Shop: You won’t find a more diverse and beautiful St. Paul and Minneapolis shopping destination than Grand Avenue. Stop by today and experience what many know as the best in Twin Cities shopping! Grand Avenue shops boast a wide range of styles that are all individually unique. 

Live: Grand Avenue has a mix of private homes and rental properties. With several schools in the area there is also a wide range of ages. Residents of can get almost all their needs met close to home. Grand Avenue is home to medical and holistic practitioners; pet supplies, veterinarians and groomer; casual to formal dining, coffee shops and bars; grocery, bakery and specialty food shops; gift item, eyeglasses, clothing.

Dine: The dining options on Grand Avenue are unique and varied. Coffee shops, bakeries, takeout, casual formal, breakfast to late-night clubs. Food on Grand Avenue comes in as many variations and ethnic style. Northwoods walley dinner to spicy Cajun flavors.

The New Responsive Website
With all the changes in technology and various devises people are using to view websites, needed to create a whole new responsive website, which uses the latest technologies to make it easier to view on tables and smart phones. With the new website visitors will able to locate businesses through Geo mapping, making it easier to get information on Grand Avenue business on the go through your smart phone or tablet.


Street Banners
When driving along Grand Avenue you may notice new banners on the lamp posts. Most of these banners feature businesses with their location logo and location printed in the center. These banners are part of the new branding of Grand Avenue. 


More to come:
In the coming weeks you will be seeing many more changes on Grand Avenue. Grand Avenue event logos have changed, a new Guide to Grand will soon be available and many new additional improvements will be added to the website. Come discover Grand Avenue all over again. There is always something new and exciting happening on Grand Avenue. Remember....It's All on Grand.








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