9 Tips to Plan Your Next Remodeling Project

Before you even begin your next remodeling project read 7 Tips to Plan Your Next Remodeling Project — a guide to help you manage expectations and set a reasonable work plan.

9 Tips to Plan Your Next Remodeling Project

Before you even start planning make you you have the proper financing to complete the entire project. There are several local financial institutions that specialize in Home Improvement Loans.
  1. Select a contractor the you can live with comfortably. Even under the best of circumstances you can expect to have contractors in and out of your house for 6-8 weeks. Make sure the contractor you choose is not only licensed and bonded, but people you are comfortable with and trust in your home.
  2. Work with your contractor on the project design & selection. The process can take several weeks to finalize. making sure the design is right , selecting design elements and final finishes. This is a time for careful planning. Major changes can be time consuming and costly.
  3. File for all the proper permits. Each trade, electritions, plumbers etc. need to pull their own permits.
  4. Develop a realistic construction schedule including projected start and completion times. This is a time to make sure that everyones expections are the same.
  5. Work begins including demolition and rough in construction.
  6. Construction Inspections — Depending on the scale of the project you may need multiple inspections before the work can be completed. 
  7. Final decorative finishes. This is when the paint, tile, carpet, cabinetry and countertops you selected at the beginning are finally installed.
  8. Do a final walk through with your contractor. 
  9. Enjoy your new space. A well though out remodeling project does not need to be stressful. It can remain within budget and projected timeline.
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